Using the Chocolate Fountain

19 Nov

The chocolate fountain is the most fascinating centerpiece in the buffet table. It is perfect for children’s parties, birthday celebrations and other epicurean get-togethers. The fundamental components of this chocolate delight include the foundation, tower, auger inside the container, three layers attached to the tube, and top hat. Popular foodies which can be found in the chocolate fountain are cookies, candies, pretzels, cakes, fresh fruits and of course, the chocolate dip.

Build a durable base for your fountain since it has to support heavy stuff such as the fruits, chocolates, plates and other accessories. All these display and components can reach up to 80 pounds. Make sure that the fountain is on level ground because it will not function properly if it is not balanced. There should be openings on the bottom to avoid any overheating. Take care not to block these apertures with table coverings. Melt the chocolate before putting it on the fountain. Refrain from heating the chocolate again since it loses the required thickness. Check your chocolate from time to time. Melting should be monitored when it is put in the fountain. Whip the chocolate continuously and bring it towards the center so the fountain will flow with liquid chocolate.

You can melt chocolate using the basin, microwave oven or stovetop. The temperature in melting should be just right since the chocolate will get burned if it is too hot. This will result in a syrupy and coarse product with an unpleasant taste. Besides, this product can clog up your fountain and lead to possible defects. The correct temperature will create the perfect liquid mixture and prevent unwanted clusters. Follow the owner’s manual when you assemble the chocolate fountain. Wash the different components first before putting all these together. Test the entire system without the chocolate before using the fountain.

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